Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

Jennifer Bell

Jennifer Bell has been with Food for Thought Market and Cafe since its fruition. Working together with her parents Lewis and Kathy, she fulfills the day-to-day operations and "front of the house services". Creating menus, scratch baked goods, and espresso drinks are what drives Jennifer's passion and determination. She currently resides in Allen with her two sons, dog and cat.

Lindsey Hearn
"The Cookie Guy"

Known as "The Cookie Guy", Lindsey Hearn has been baking his heart away for the last twenty years. When he is not providing us with his delicious works of art, he is working as a GM for Cinemark West Plano or teaching cooking classes for Williams Sonoma. For fun, he enjoys watching movies, baking, traveling with my partner Paul and hanging out with his dog Lola Grace

David Bergthold
Culinary Manager

Allen High School Sophomore, David enjoys going to the skate park and playing basketball with friends any chance he gets. He loves listening to older rock. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, AC/DC and the occasional Metallica.  He works as a Ball Boy for the Dallas Mavericks and goes to the majority of the games.

Luke Plowman
Culinary Manager

Say "hello" to Luke, one of our members of the culinary staff. Luke is currently a sophomore at Allen High School. While he is working, strike up a conversation about his favorite things: playing the guitar and art.

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Caroline Scaife
Culinary Manager

Culinary Manager, Caroline Scaife is currently a junior in high school and is home schooled. During her free time, she likes to read, knit and crochet.

David Becerra
Culinary Staff

David likes cooking international foods and attempting to create his own dishes. He also enjoys learning strange and unknown facts about history. Currently, he is a high school senior, working towards graduation high science credits, so that he can start Pre-Med in college.

Nottingham "Notty" Battle
Service Dog

If you see Katherine working nearby on a laptop, you'll find Nottingham under the table. As much as he loves getting all of the attention at home, while working he would prefer to go unnoticed.

Kathy and Lewis Bell

Lewis and Kathy Bell are the co-founders of Bell Family Enterprises and Food for Thought Market and Cafe. On a wink and a prayer, they won the bid from the City of Allen to operate in the cafe space located inside Allen Public Library, opening for business in July of 2013. Called the "not-so-silent partners" they provide much of the behind the scenes operations that make the Cafe operate as smoothly as it does. Lewis and Kathy currently reside in Allen, Texas and enjoy spending their free time with their seven grandchildren and three children.

Sarah Azam
Culinary Manager

Currently a student at Texas A&M, Sarah is pursuing a degree in Business. During her free time she enjoys spend time playing with her cat and taking pictures of it chilling out in the sun. Sarah also likes to pull out her old DS and play games, such as Animal Crossing.

Christy Jacob
Culinary Manager

Now a sophomore at UNT, Christy is pursuing a degree in marketing. In her spare time, she enjoys learning new things and cooking.

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Mohammad Saleh
Culinary Manager

Mohammad is currently studying chemistry and neuroscience at UTD as a sophomore pre-medical student. He likes to spend his time playing with his cats, learning  new languages, and exploring new dishes to cook.

Natalie Smith
Culinary Manager

Culinary Manager, Natalie Smith has worked for Food for Thought for four years. She  currently resides in Allen, TX with her husband, Tim, and three sons. When she isn't at the cafe, she enjoys doing Camp Gladiator, singing karaoke and hanging out with her family. 

employee in black sweater

Katherine Battle
Digital Marketing Specialist

With a bachelor's degree under her belt, Katherine is currently working with different local businesses and organizations with their websites and social media presence. When she is not working, she enjoys cooking, reading and hanging out with her dog.